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Knee Arthritis and Massage

Evidence suggests that an 8 week course of massage will significantly improve your function and reduce pain levels if you have Osteoarthritis of the knee. The dosage should be weekly and should be administered for 60 minutes per session, and a specific protocol should be followed. The effects of this are long lasting too, so your pain relief will be good for up to

4 months after therapy has stopped. Looking at this, it may be that 2 blocks of treatment per year are necessary, but this may reduce the amount of medication you require, and if you're in less pain, perhaps your weight will fall too so that's a win-win! So if you have arthritis of the knee, and your available to visit a Physiotherapy clinic in Sheffield consider UKCityPhysio. Here's the article, but caution, it's a scientific study and will be a dry read for most...


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